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Repair of the TOSHIBA 26DL834R TV

Technical description and composition of the TV TOSHIBA 26DL834R, panel type and modules used. The composition of the modules.

Model: 26DL834R
Chassis / Version: 17MB60
Panel: LC260EXN (SD) (A3)
LED driver (backlight): 17PW06-2
Trans LED driver: 30067936 SMP-C2776
Power Supply (PSU): 17PW06-2 75025751 POWER MODULE, 26DL833B, 20553706
PWM Power: G1115LOP, 6742HR (8), 1579 (8)
MOSFET Power: MDS5652 (8),
MainBoard: 17MB60-3.1 75026356 PC BOARD ASSY, MAIN, 26DL834R, 20568365
IC MainBoard: 75026264 DVD MODULE, 19DL833B, 30071444
Tuner: TDOS403LH122E
Control: CT-8023

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Screen diagonal:26 "(66 cm)
Screen Format:16: 9
LED backlight:there, Edge LED
HD support:720p HD
Brightness:400 cd / m2
Contrast:1000: 1
Dynamic contrast:3,000,000: 1
Viewing angle:178 °
Pixel response time:8 ms
Progressive scan:there is
TV standards:PAL, SECAM, NTSC
Digital tuner:DVB-T MPEG4, DVB-C
Number of channels:100
Teletext:with memory on 100 p.
DTV Formats:480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Stereo sound:there is
Sound power:10 W (2x5 W)
Acoustics:two speakers
Interface:AV, audio x2, component, SCART, RGB, VGA, HDMI x2, USB
Headphone jack:there is
TV weight:with stand: 8 kg 
without stand: 6.4 kg
Dimensions:with stand 648x452x180 mm 
without stand 648x414x59 mm
Network consumption:33 W

General recommendations for the repair of TV LCD LED

Repair of all electronic devices, including the TOSHIBA 26DL834R TV, it is advisable to start with an external inspection of its external and internal components. In some cases, the visible external damage to the elements may suggest the direction of the fault finding and the localization of the defect even before the start of the necessary measurements at the control points of the electronic circuit nodes. Electrolytic capacitors of filters with swollen casing, as well as ring cracks formed in the rations of the heated elements, or a layer of coal on the burned-out resistors sometimes suggest to the repairman the causes of the malfunction and possible consequences.
If the 26DL834R does not turn on, does not respond to the remote control and the front panel buttons, does not blink and does not show any signs of operation, it is likely that the power supply module 17PW06-2 75025751 POWER MODULE, 26DL833B, 20553706 is faulty in this case. such manifestations, it is necessary to check the stabilizer (converter) of the processor power supply on the motherboard. When diagnosing and repairing the power supply unit, first of all, replace the swollen capacitors of the secondary rectifier filter and check the fuse and, if it is broken, it is necessary to identify the cause. Often in such cases avalanche (thermal) breakdown is detected in the power semiconductor elements of the module - rectifier diodes and MDS5652 (8) transistors, in the primary circuit.
In most cases, the breakdown of keys in a switching power supply (SMPS) does not happen without a reason, and you should look for other faulty circuit elements that could provoke a defect. This may be dried electrolytic capacitors in the primary circuit, and faulty damper elements, as well as dangling resistors or punched semiconductor elements in the stabilization circuits. Possible marriage chip PWM G1115L0P, 6742HR (8), 1579 (8) from the manufacturer.
If the TOSHIBA 26DL834R has no image, there is sound and the channels are switched, there is a probability of a malfunction in the LED backlight circuit of the 75025757 LCD PANEL, LC260EXN-SDA3, 30070448, or their power converter — the LED driver. Sometimes when you turn on the image appears and disappears immediately. In such cases, it is necessary to check the electrolytic capacitors of the power filter of the LED driver itself, including in the secondary rectifier of the main power supply unit. 
Often, in the absence of illumination panel disassembly is required. It is necessary to check the serviceability of the LED transitions, as well as the reliability of the contact connections in the lines and connectors.
It is impossible to identify an open circuit in the LED lineup without disassembling the panel with a simple multimeter. The LEDs are connected in series and in order to open their transitions, a voltage of several tens of volts is required. Ideally, a current source would be suitable for such purposes.
Repair of the motherboard 17MB60-3.1 75026356 PC BOARD ASSY, MAIN, 26DL834R, 20568365 tun TDOS403LH122E must be started by diagnosing and checking all linear stabilizers or power converters of its microchips. Sometimes it may be necessary to update the software (software) - flashing FLASH or EEPROM. 
In cases of complicated MB (SSB) repairs and with the necessary skills and equipment, it may sometimes be necessary to replace its 75026264 DVD MODULE, 19DL833B, 30071444 chips and other possible faulty components. Malfunctions associated with the use of BGA soldering technology are usually easily diagnosed by the warm-up method. 
Once again we remind TV users: you should not attempt self-repair without having the appropriate knowledge, experience and necessary qualifications! Trust repair only to professionals with sufficient experience in the field of repair of electronic equipment.

Download: Main VESTEL 17MB60 Service Manual

Additional Repair MainBoard

The appearance of the MainBoard 17MB60-3.1 is shown below:

The motherboard 17MB60-3.1 is made using an MSD9WB7PX-2 processor combined with a scaler. For its operation, two external memory chips (DDR) HY5PS121621C and a read-only memory (ROM) NAND512-A are used. To provide power for the processor, stabilizers 1.2V, 2.5V, 3.3V are used. For DDR, the voltage is 1.8V, to power the NAND 3.3V. Repair is advisable to start with checking the power standby mode (Stand-by) 3.3V. Further, in the operating mode, it is necessary to check the performance of all linear stabilizers and voltage converters. If there is a backlight and no image, the power of the LCD panel 5V or 12V, depending on the type of panel used, can be measured directly on the LVDS connector. Typical malfunction - NAND ROM software crash. At the same time, the TV does not turn on and blinks with indicators on the panel. It is updated via the USB port, if the software of the SPI FLASH chip in which the bootloader is located is not damaged, or if there is an mboot.bin file on the media, which can be used as regular SPI FLASH content.
17MB60-3.1 can be used in TVs:
TOSHIBA 19DL834R (Panel V185B1-LE2 30070337), TOSHIBA 22DL833R 22DL834R (Panel LC216EXN (SD) (A1)), TOSHIBA 22EL833R (Panel LC216EXN-SDA1 / LC216EXN-SCA1); TOSHIBA 19DL833R (Panel V185B1-LE2 REV. C1).
Key features of the device TOSHIBA 26DL834R:
Installed matrix (LED-panel) LC260EXN (SD) (A3). 
To power the LED backlight used LED-driver 17PW06-2. A transformer 30067936 SMP-C2776 is installed in the LED driver converter. 
The formation of the necessary supply voltages for all nodes of the TOSHIBA 26DL834R TV set is provided by the 17PW06-2 power supply module, or its analogues using G1115LOP, 6742HR (8), 1579 (8) chips and power switches of the MDS5652 (8) type ,. 
MainBoard - the mainboard (motherboard) is a 17MB60-3.1 module, using 75026264 DVD chips MODULE, 19DL833B, 30071444 and others. 
Tuner TDOS403LH122E provides reception of television programs and tuning to the channels.


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