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Repair of the TOSHIBA 22L1354R TV

Technical description and composition of the TV TOSHIBA 22L1354R, panel type and modules used. The composition of the modules.

Model: 22L1354R
Chassis / Version: 17MB95-2.1
Panel: LM215WF4 TL G1
LED driver (backlight): 17IPS61-3
PWM LED driver: MPS1306 / MP3394S,
Power Supply (PSU): 17IPS61-2
PWM Power: ICE3BR0665J (Standby)
MainBoard: 17MB95-2.1
IC MainBoard: RT7240 (8), LR1812DHG (8), TPS65251 (10x10)
Control: RC-1910

LCD TV LED 22L1354
Screen diagonal:22 "(56 cm)
Screen Format:16: 9
Update frequency:100 Hz
LED backlight:there, Edge LED
HD support:1080p Full HD
Brightness:300 cd / m2
Contrast:1000: 1
Dynamic contrast:20,000: 1
Viewing angle:160 °
Pixel response time:5 ms
Progressive scan:there is
TV standards:PAL, SECAM, NTSC
Digital tuner:DVB-T MPEG4, DVB-T2, DVB-C
Teletext:there is
DTV Formats:480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Stereo sound:there is
Sound power:5 W (2x2.5 W)
Acoustics:two speakers
Interface:AV, component, SCART, VGA, HDMI, USB x2
Headphone jack:there is
TV weight:4.7 kg
Dimensions:with stand 518x358x163 mm 
without stand 518x321x46 mm
Network consumption:30 W

General recommendations for the repair of TV LCD LED

Repair and diagnostics of any electronic device, in particular TOSHIBA 22L1354R, it is advisable to start with a careful external examination of internal and external elements. Visible damage to the elements can sometimes indicate the direction of the search for a defect even before the start of the necessary measurements. In most cases, the cause of the defect and the possible consequences of the repairman can guess the typical signs of typical defects of TVs, for example, the resulting ring cracks in the soldering of the terminals of elements, bloated filter capacitors, rectifiers, charred resistors and other circuit elements.
Faults in the 17IPS61-2 power supply module may be expressed differently, for example, the TOSHIBA 22L1354R does not turn on at all and the control lights on its front panel do not turn on and do not blink, there are no all signs of efficiency. It should be noted that with the same external manifestations the stabilizer (converter) of the processor power supply may turn out to be faulty. In the general case, first of all it is necessary to check the electrolytic capacitors of the filters of the secondary rectifiers and the fuse at the input of the network. If it is interrupted, then you should check for breakdown of PN junctions of the diodes of the rectifier bridge and the key transistor of the converter, which can either be on a separate radiator or integrated with the PWM controller into a common chip. Possible options.
In most cases, the breakdown of keys in a switching power supply (SMPS) does not happen without a reason, and you should look for other faulty circuit elements that could provoke a defect. This may be dried electrolytic capacitors in the primary circuit, and faulty damper elements, as well as dangling resistors or punched semiconductor elements in the stabilization circuits. Possible marriage chip ICE3BR0665J PWM from the manufacturer.
If the TOSHIBA 22L1354R has no image, but there is sound, it is possible that the backlight LEDs of the LM215WF4 TL G1 or the power supply converter may be faulty. It is also necessary to make sure that the electrolytic capacitors of the secondary rectifiers of the common power supply unit are in good condition. 
Often there is a need to disassemble the panel to check the health of the LEDs, as well as the contact connections in the connectors and soldering. 
When diagnosing it is necessary to take into account that it is impossible to check an open circuit in a circuit of lines of LEDs without disassembling the panels using a tester or multimeter. To open all PN junctions connected in series, a voltage of the order of several tens of volts is required, and ideally a current source.
Repair of the motherboard 17MB95-2.1 must begin with the diagnosis and testing of all linear stabilizers or power supply circuits of its chips. Sometimes it may be necessary to update the software (software) - flashing FLASH or EEPROM. 
If there is no possibility to replace the MB (SSB) board, it is necessary to check the serviceability of its elements - RT7240 (8), LR1812DHG (8), TPS65251 (10x10). Faulty components should be replaced. 
Owners and users of the TOSHIBA 22L1354R TV must remember that self-repair without special knowledge, skills and qualifications may be fraught with negative consequences that may lead to complete non-repair of the device!

Download: Toshiba service manual and circuit - Vestel Main 17MB95-2

Additional Repair MainBoard

The appearance of the MainBoard 17MB95-2.1 is shown below:

17MB95-2.1 can be used in TVs:
PHILIPS 40PFL3018T / 12 (Panel VES400UNDS-01), TELEFUNKEN L32H125A3 (Panel VES315WNEA-01-B), TOSHIBA 22L1353R (Panel LM215WF4), TOSHIBA 22L1354R (Panel LM215WF4, that's for you
Power Supply Appearance 
The main features of the device TOSHIBA 22L1354R:
Installed matrix (LED-panel) LM215WF4 TL G1. 
The LED driver 17IPS61-3 is used to power the backlight LEDs. It is controlled by a MPS1306 / MP3394S PWM controller. 
The formation of the necessary supply voltages for all nodes of the TOSHIBA 22L1354R TV set is performed by the 17IPS61-2 power supply module, or its analogues using ICE3BR0665J (Standby) chips. 
MainBoard - the main board (motherboard) is a 17MB95-2.1 module, using RT7240 (8), LR1812DHG (8), TPS65251 (10x10) chips and others.
Additional panel technical information:
Brand: LG Display 
Model: LM215WF4-TLG1 
Type: a-Si TFT-LCD, Panel 
Diagonal size: 21.5 inch 
Resolution: 1920x1080, FHD 
Display Mode: TN, Normally White, Transmissive 
Active Area: 476.064x267. 786 mm 
Surface: Antiglare, Hard coating (3H) 
Brightness: 250 cd / m² 
Contrast Ratio: 1000: 1 
Display Colors: 16.7M (8-bit), CIE1931 72% 
Response Time: 1.3 / 3.7 (Tr / Td) 
Frequency: 60Hz 
Lamp Type: 14S2P WLED Without Driver 
Signal Interface: LVDS (2 ch, 8-bit), 30 pins 
Voltage: 5.0V


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