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Repair of the TOSHIBA 20VL66R TV

Technical description and composition of the TV TOSHIBA 20VL66R, panel type and modules used. The composition of the modules.

Model: 20VL66R
Panel: A201SN02 V.5
LED driver (backlight): EADP-70AF
Power Supply (PSU): EADP-70AF
MainBoard: 4H.00501 .A00 T20VV8 GA / CN PCBA MAIN 75004566 PLOTECH 64W42230 4H.00501.A00
IC MainBoard: CPU: PW106B-10L; AD9381, MSP3410
Tuner: ENG39A11GF

Specifications 20VL66R

General recommendations for the repair of TV LCD LED

Repair of electronic equipment usually begins with its external examination and fault diagnosis. In this case, you should examine all the internal components of the TV TOSHIBA 20VL66R, as well as the external elements of the body. In some cases, the visible external damage to the elements may suggest the direction of the fault finding and the localization of the defect even before the start of the necessary measurements at the control points of the electronic circuit nodes. Electrolytic capacitors of filters with swollen casing, as well as ring cracks formed in the rations of the heated elements, or a layer of coal on the burned-out resistors sometimes suggest the repairman the causes of the malfunction and possible consequences.
If the power module EADP-70AF fails, the external manifestations may be different, for example, the TOSHIBA 20VL66R does not turn on at all and there is no indication of the indicator lights on the front panel. With the same symptoms, the stabilizer (converter) of the power supply to the control processor may be faulty. Diagnostics and repair of a common power supply should always begin with checking the main fuse and the state of the electrolytic capacitors of the secondary rectifier filters. Faulty and blown-up capacitors should be replaced with new ones. When the fuse breaks, it is advisable to check for breakdown, first of all, all the power semiconductor elements of the converter and the rectifier diode bridge of the network, as well as a large electrolytic capacitor of the network rectifier filter.
It should be borne in mind that in the practice of repair it is extremely rare for key transistors in a switching power supply (SMPS) to fail without reason, which should be sought by checking other components, for example, breaking a key can provoke faulty elements of the damper circuits, or dried electrolytic capacitors or broken primary resistors BP chains involved in the stabilization process. In this case, all semiconductor piping elements of the PWM controller chip, which is desirable to check for replacement, are subject to verification.
Sometimes the TOSHIBA 20VL66R has no picture, but there is sound, or the picture will appear and immediately disappear. In this case, there is a high probability of malfunctioning of the LED backlight converter panel A201SN02 v.5, or an open circuit in the LED circuit is possible. In such cases, first of all, it is necessary to make sure that all electrolytic capacitors of the filter are serviceable by the power supply of the LED driver itself, including the power supply unit (power supply unit). 
In most cases, the lack of illumination arises the need to disassemble the panel in order to test the LEDs, connectors, cables and all contact connections. If one or several LEDs do not work in the same line, therefore, they are pierced and should be replaced.
Check the line of LEDs for breakage without disassembling the panel is impossible with a multimeter or tester. For these purposes, it is necessary to open all sequentially connected PN junctions and a voltage of the order of tens of volts will be required, and ideally a current source.
When attempting to repair the motherboard, you should first check the serviceability of linear stabilizers or power supply circuits of the microcircuits and, if necessary, update the software (software).
Attention to the owners! Attempts to repair the TOSHIBA 20VL66R TV by yourself are not recommended by the manufacturer and can lead to serious negative consequences!

Download: Scheme and Service Manual:

Additional Repair MainBoard

The appearance of the MainBoard 4H.00501 is shown below:

Power Supply Appearance 
The main features of the device TOSHIBA 20VL66R:
Installed matrix (LED-panel) A201SN02 V.5. 
The LED driver EADP-70AF is used to power the backlight LEDs. 
The formation of the necessary supply voltages for all nodes of the TV TOSHIBA 20VL66R carries the power module EADP-70AF, or its analogs. 
MainBoard - the main board (motherboard) is a 4H.00501 module, using CPU chips: PW106B-10L; AD9381, MSP3410 and others. 
Tuner ENG39A11GF provides reception of television programs and tuning to the channels.


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