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Repair of the TOSHIBA 19SL738R TV

Technical description and composition of the TV TOSHIBA 19SL738R, the type of panel and modules used. The composition of the modules.

Model: 19SL738R
Panel: LC185EXN-SCA1
Power Supply (PSU): 75022447 PC BOARD ASSY, POWER, 19SL738F, ADTVA2404AAD
MainBoard: 715G4372 - M01-000-005B
Tuner: ENV57S0108R
Control: CT-90326

Specifications 19SL738

General recommendations for the repair of TV LCD LED

It is recommended to begin the diagnosis and repair of TOSHIBA 19SL738R, as well as other electronic devices, with an external inspection of external and internal components. According to some external signs of changing the state of some elements, sometimes it is possible to make assumptions about the nature of the defect, as well as to determine the future direction of the fault search. The charred paint on the top layer of resistors, electrolytic capacitors of rectifier filters swollen after boiling, cracked soldering at the terminals of heated elements or transformers can often suggest the causes of the defect and possible consequences.
If the 19SL738R TV does not turn on, does not make any sounds when it is turned on, and do not light or blink on the front panel, there are no indicators that the power module has a malfunction. In some cases, only the stabilizer or the power converter of the control processor may be faulty, which is typical of some TOSHIBA models. When diagnosing and repairing the power supply, you should first replace the swollen capacitors of the secondary rectifier filter and check the fuse and, if it is interrupted, you must identify the cause. Often in such cases avalanche (thermal) breakdown is detected in the power semiconductor elements of the module - rectifier diodes and transistors in the primary circuit.
It should be remembered that in the practice of repair, power switches in a switching power supply (SMPS) usually do not fail due to their poor quality and, in such cases, it is necessary to look for the cause that led to a malfunction and provoked a breakdown of the key. Most often the cause of the accident is dried electrolytic capacitors or dangling resistors in the primary circuit, or the PWM controller chip itself may be faulty. It is also necessary to check all the semiconductor elements of the stabilization circuit in the primary and secondary circuits.
If the TOSHIBA 19SL738R has no image, there is sound and the channels are switched, there is a probability of a malfunction in the LED backlight circuit of the LC185EXN-SCA1 panel, or their power converter, the LED driver. Sometimes when you turn on the image appears and disappears immediately. In such cases, it is necessary to check the electrolytic capacitors of the power filter of the LED driver itself, including in the secondary rectifier of the main power supply unit. 
To check the health of LEDs and contact connections in their power supply circuit, disassembly of the panel is necessary. 
Check the line of LEDs for breakage without disassembling the panel is impossible with a multimeter or tester. For these purposes, it is necessary to open all sequentially connected PN junctions and a voltage of the order of tens of volts will be required, and ideally a current source.

Once again we remind TV users: you should not attempt self-repair without having the appropriate knowledge, experience and necessary qualifications! Trust repair only to professionals with sufficient experience in the field of repair of electronic equipment.

Matrix LC185EXN (SC) (A1) LG Panel specification LC185EXN (SC) (A1)

Additional Repair MainBoard

The appearance of the MainBoard 715G4372 is shown below:

The main features of the device TOSHIBA 19SL738R:
The matrix (LED-panel) LC185EXN-SCA1 is installed. 
The formation of the necessary supply voltages for all nodes of the TOSHIBA 19SL738R TV is performed by the power module 75022447, or its analogues. 
MainBoard - the main board (motherboard) is a 715G4372 module. 
Tuner ENV57S0108R provides reception of television programs and tuning to the channels.
Additional panel technical information:
Brand: LG Display 
Model: LC185EXN-SCA1 
Type: a-Si TFT-LCD, Panel 
Diagonal size: 18.5 inch 
Resolution: 1366x768, WXGA 
Display Mode: S-IPS, Normally Black, Transmissive 
Active Area: 409.8 x230.4 mm 
Surface: Antiglare (Haze 13%), Hard coating (3H) 
Brightness: 300 cd / m² 
Contrast Ratio: 1000: 1 
Display Colors: 16.7M (6-bit + Dithering), CIE1931 68% 
Response Time: 9 (G to G) 
Frequency: 60Hz 
Lamp Type: WLED Embedded (LED Driver) 
Signal Interface: LVDS (1 ch, 8-bit), 30 pins 
Voltage: 5.0V


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