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Peugeot 406 MP3 in Clarion PU-2184 A

Hello! I know that you don’t like when there are a lot of letters and still go for a start on the text)) 
Everyone, I think, whoever has a CD recorder, faced the problem of reading discs and I was no exception. The options for implementing AUX are numerous and through CD and AM, but for my car stereo, as it turned out, only AM is suitable for a very smart chip. 
For a start, it was decided to introduce a linear input (AUX) and in one to clean the laser in the drive and increase its power. Made by analogy of the post Organization of AUX input on the radio RD3The matter was done and everything worked (except for the CD drive that I screwed up), except for one thing: if you plug in the adapter and do not turn on the signal, the radio barely heard through the entire volume of the radio, but this is not critical, as when playing music did not bother. Music on AUX came from a very good Sony Ericsson W200i phone with which I passed 9 years! But due to the age of my friend I had to say goodbye to him (((Samsung replaced the quality of music from which I plunged into thinking about introducing an MP3 player. After annoying a little yooree, he laid out a post about connecting AUX through the AM range of the AUX receiver through the AM range in radio tape recorder RD2 PU-2295A PU-2184A to everyone who wants to repeat this post described above will be the first part of the procedure.
I express my gratitude to everyone who helped in my undertaking : yooree , dimi487 , zolvarlam - thank you guys very much! 
And so here we go: It 
was bought such a player
Ordered from Aliexpress
Vypaivaya elements specified in the post above. 
Cropped AM VCC Track

I connected the player power to it


Red plus, black to any point of mass on the board.
The left and right channels from the player connected through capacitors of 1mF to the allocated place on the board

Next, from the cover of the computer power supply made mount for the player


and fixed in place of the cd drive.

Then I started implementing the control of switching tracks from the Clariona panel. To do this, I cut the tracks to the CD enable buttons and the changer and soldered from the player’s button to the radio buttons.

Cut it like this

Let it be so
Put the player so that the IR receiver gets into the slot from the disk.

Connect the USB extension cable to output the flash drive to a convenient place.

While lying down so, and then we will see where it is. Maybe you can recommend a suitable place for her.

And voila. Everything is functioning.

Well, as they say: better to see once than hear a hundred times
I'm certainly not a music lover, but in my opinion the sound is just great without interference and noise. But the buttons for turning on the CD and the changer are not such a big loss considering that the drive is dead. 
All functions of the player included with the remote control work fine: by the way, the radio can also be turned from the player. The built-in equalizer in the player gives its results. Playback from a flash drive after shutdown begins from the same second, is loaded in a couple of seconds. 
If you see any flaws and errors, please indicate them, because I am not an electronics engineer. All good))
PS In some cases I do not claim that everything was done correctly and without errors, therefore I have no right to recommend you to do this procedure, as there may be consequences for which I am not responsible. I just showed you my experience.


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