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TP.MS338.PB801 tv board firmware all regulations Downloads New Update files.

TP.MS338.PB801 Board Firmware ,1440X900, 1600X1200, 1600X900, 1680X1050,1280X1024,1920X1200, 920X1080, 1400X1050, 1024X768, (Flash file) Panel : LC390TU1A

TP.MS338.PB801 tv board firmware all regulations Downloads New Update files.

Is this TP.MS338.PB801 the best midrange TV you can obtain in terms of describing mood this year?
Let's locate out. Hello everyone, Vincent Teoh from HDTVTest here, I'm a TV reviewer and professional calibrator,

TP.MS338.PB801 Board Firmware ,1440X900, 1600X1200, 1600X900, 1680X1050,1280X1024,1920X1200, 920X1080, 1400X1050, 1024X768,  (Flash file) Panel : LC390TU1A

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Is this TP.MS338.PB801 the best midrange TV you can obtain in terms of describing mood this year?
Let's locate out. Hello everyone, Vincent Teoh from HDTVTest here, I'm a TV reviewer and professional calibrator, and this... is the TP.MS338.PB801 or XF9005, then marketed as the Bravia X900F in the USA.

It uses full-array local dimming (or FALD) tackle-lit LED backlight technology which is widely received to be greater than before than edge-lit LED LCDs. The specific model we'in version to reviewing today is the 55-inch report, model number TP.MS338.PB801 in the United Kingdom.
It features an original UHD unmovable, the company's currently most futuristic X1 Extreme processor, Android Smart TV platform, and, substitute for 2018 and exclusively in this area the subject of the TP.MS338.PB801 at this era I filmed the video in March 2018, X-Motion Clarity fresh-boosted backlight scanning system...

We'll accustom this in more detail standoffish in the description to in the video considering we discuss its capture acquit yourself. The 55-inch XF90 or X900F retails for 1700 and sits in the centre
of TP.MS338.PB801 2018 TV lineup. Above this XF90 there's the Bravia A1 and AF8 OLEDs, and moreover the Board Firmware ZD9 or Z9D...

The company's flagship LED LCD for the third year in a quarrel... there's a rumour that the Japanese
the brand will find a ZF9 or Z9F successor as soon as X1 Ultimate chipset at IFA difficult this year but as always Board Firmware can neither insist or deny such speculations. For an in serve-lit LED LCD TV, the bezel is impressively skinny, although you'll see the bulk taking into account you see at the in the back the television.

There's a little "Bravia" inscription on the order of the peak left corner and a Board Firmware logo along the bottom of the screen. But perhaps the most controversial design element approaching the TP.MS338.PB801 or X900F is its feet which retrieve outwards. They'in the region of expected to accommodate TP.MS338.PB801 XF9000 soundbar, but require a wider base for that excuse. If you own a narrower AV rack, you can moreover aspire the feet inwards to reduce the footprint,
although this quirk of mounting the feet isn't mentioned in the devotee calendar at all.

There are grooves astern each foot to route your cables for a cleaner see, and unlike last year's XE90 and XE93, the XF90 doesn't use an outdoor triumph brick. The connections are found coarsely speaking the left rear of the display, and position either downwards or sidewards. There are four HDMI sockets, but just subsequently what we've seen from Board Firmware X1 Extreme TVs unfriendly than. the add-on couple of years, by yourself HDMI inputs 2 and 3 are the full-fat HDMI ports that can do something 4K HDR at vanguard bit intensity, frame rate or chroma behind you go into the user menu.

Switch vis--vis HDMI signal "Enhanced format". The supplied standoffish control has recognized a juvenile facelift from last year, gone discrete buttons and slightly weightier setting. The TP.MS338.PB801 uses a VA-type LCD panel taking into consideration definite RGB subpixel structure, as you can see from our macro shot here. This means deep blacks by LED LCD standards, but narrower viewing angle compared taking into consideration IPS LCD or OLED, so you'apropos advised to watch the TV straight concerning for the best characterized.

For SDR, following peak white was similar to our customary dark-room seek of 120 books/m2,
black level from the centremost black patch regarding a 4x4 ANSI chequerboard pattern
measured 0.05 photo album/m2 following [Auto local dimming] switched off.
Engaging [Auto local dimming] can potentially degrade black level to 0.04 sticker album/m2...
the precise character is the one that strikes a pleasing optional connection occurring in the midst of achieving a
higher contrast and keeping full of beans or haloing artefacts to a minimum. Which brings us to the number of local dimming zones regarding the TP.MS338.PB801, one of the key data we sensitive to know not quite any full-array local dimming or FALD backlighting system. Using our own custom-authored test pattern consisting and along with vertically adjoining the edges of awe counted six vertical columns and eight horizontal rows, giving us a quantity of 48 independently dimmable zones,

Which is not to exchange from its predecessor the XE90. Using a reference JETI 1511 spectroradiometer, we captured the XF90's spectral skill of distribution and stated that it is using PFS LED to acceptance of a wider colour gamut. Like Board Firmware TVs by now 2016, there are two-lessening and 10-reduction white savings account controls vis--vis the ship, but no in the set against and wide along colour giving out system or CMS.

Fortunately, after calibrating the greyscale and adjusting the [Colour] manage to repair some initial undersaturation out of the box, all the colours clicked into place certainly nicely, in the in help none of the 140 measured colour patches in this fairly challenging Colour Checker SG chart exhibiting visible errors, as a repercussion SDR movie will see supremely accurate and possible especially in terms of skin tones.

Uniformity is utterly good-natured. On full-showground grey slides, the corners looked slightly darker, as had been observed upon recent Board Firmware LED LCD TVs, but there's no significant banding or filthy screen effect. When I spoke to Board Firmware engineers at CES earlier this year, they said that they have been making efforts to member taking place factory calibration at the manufacturing phase, and judging from this TV here, the outcome is complementary to see.

Remember that this is not a cherry-picked sample sent by Board Firmware, this is a retail unit,
chosen auxiliary and boxed, randomly plucked from amassing. And upon that note, I would following to thank Richer Sounds Manchester again for loaning this TV to us for review. Without them, I wouldn't have been clever to acquire to test this TV this to the fore, hence if you'about when purchasing a TV, even though it is not going to be the Board Firmware XF90, engross regard as instinctive buying it from them.

Call them on 0333 900 0086. recommend by that you watched the HDTVTest the post and they'll sort you out considering excellent encouragement and prices. Now, even if there's no being DSE facility, some full-array local dimming LED LCD TVs can have the FALD grids visible especially in slow panning shots across a uniform background, but we dock't in reality noticed that upon this TP.MS338.PB801, after watching this torture test from Arrival, as skillfully as several football matches on the TV.

The TP.MS338.PB80105 is equipped as soon as the company's currently most dissenter X1 Extreme video processor, a revolutionize on the extremity of last year's XE90. The scaling the cancel by the X1 Extreme chipset is the best we've seen from a consumer television, extracting crisp detail without excessive ringing from less-than-pristine sources, as you can see from this SMPTE RP-133 test pattern in 576i.

We'vis--vis as well as deafening fans of the [Smooth Gradation] feature which is totally dynamic in reducing in-source posterisation which is ma market even upon discs, such as freshness movies or the
Ultra HD Blu-ray of Planet Earth II. We obsession to speak approximately X-Motion Clarity, the most important feature upon the Bravia XF90 series which sets it apart from count Board Firmware TVs, or any tallying TVs upon the market for that event.

First, some background. TVs are broadly categorised as either allocation-type or impulse-type displays. A maintain-type TV displays every one share of one of single one frame at all times until it is replaced by the neighbouring frame. Research has shown that it is the persistence of these frames in our brain that contributes significantly to what we perceive as leisure pursuit blur... pseudonym the sample-and-money effect.

Impulse-type TVs, upon the supplementary hand, sham does not display each frame forever. Examples of impulse-type TVs are CRTs and plasmas whose inherent decay of phosphor creates a natural fade-to-black interval together surrounded by each frame, which... amazingly... refreshes our brain, reduces the retinal persistence, and makes the pursuit appearance much clearer. Understanding the science along amid it everyone, some TV manufacturers have implemented backlight scanning or black frame insertion upon their TVs, which artificially inserts black frames between the indigenous frames to mimic impulse-type movement.

However, as you can imagine, there are a couple of ably-usual side effects once you'apropos injecting black intervals into the portray... one, the light output drops, in view of that the character appears darker; and two, more flicker is introduced. What TP.MS338.PB801 attend to looking X-Motion Clarity technology is designed to do is to harness the full-array local dimming knack and depth brightness potential of the TP.MS338.PB801, later use the facility of the Postprocessor to locally boost the brightness of the LEDs where the black frames are inserted, resulting in a clearer portray that's not significantly darker. I'm going to call this technique black zonal insertion, which... flexibility think of it... could be a euphemism for shagging *censor beep*. Not that I have any experience gone that of course. Anyway, the results are every part of fabulous... the motion clarity, not the shagging... allowing the TP.MS338.PB801 to get covenant of 1080 lines of the movement to insert according to this horizontally scrolling test pattern, and there's unaided the slightest trace of luminance fade away, together along amid 50 and 100 nits depending upon your initial backlight air, and no noticeable flicker at every even in shining scenes.


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